The UK national debt rising

We live in a time in which everyone owes something to someone. As it turned out the ones mighty British Empire is in large debt as well. As of 2013 the national debt is positioned at £1.3 trillion and constantly growing. According to Reuters, experts predict that by September 2014 new 100 billions of pounds will be added to it. Government blames the global economy crisis for that while the opposition points fingers at the government for their spending. However, the fact remains that the public debts is constantly growing and that it is one of the biggest burning issues, unresolved by many governments before. 

On the other hand what’s happening on national level seems that it happens on a lower level to many individuals living in the UK. Many people like their country are faced with their debt as well. While the government credit rating is not at question many people don’t have that luxury. Like rarely in history the government saw how troubling was that for many of its citizens and decided to intervene. As a result the Scottish Trust Deed was introduced to the public. The Scottish Trust Deed is a financial instrument backed and sponsored by the government and its sole purpose is to help citizens that cannot pay off their debts.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to learn how the program works is through the internet web sites such as There not only you can find almost any information about this program but you can get in touch with people that are accredited to handle debt payment cases. They are called insolvency practitioners and work as intermediates between your creditors and you while watching over your interest during the process. They are more like debt advocates ensuring that you harness the benefits of government laws while keeping your creditors at short leash.

Another great thing about the insolvency creditors, not just the ones found at, is that they won’t charge you for their services even so de facto they work for you and your interests. Once you sign for the trust deed program they will completely take over your credits and make sure that your debt won’t grow. They are the ones who will be dealing with your credit givers and will make sure they are paid what is needed and nothing more.

The main point is if the British government had such a service at their disposal it would be debt free. But, there is no point in making such parallels and comparing incomparable values and situations. The main point is that there is a viable alternative to bankruptcy which is truly helpful. The first step towards this program is to visit and see whether you qualify for it. The web site is friendly designed so anyone can use it and easily find whatever might be looking for. All it takes is some free time, an internet connection or a phone call. The rest is done by the people that work there. From the moment you contact them they will lead you through the process making sure that you understand everything presented to you. 

Struggling with payments towards debt?

debt-manWith the economy today it’s no wonder that so many people are struggling to pay off their debts. More and more people finding it difficult to fulfill the obligations that come with their credits. In the past when that happened people lost houses, cars, valuable assets or they even have to declare bankruptcy. Because of that reason the UK government introduced a new mechanism called trust deed that helps people to pay off their debt without losing any assets or proclaiming bankruptcy.

If you are one of the army of Scottish people struggling with payments towards your debts you need to visit and check if you qualify to take part in the trust deed program. is the perfect place to start repaying your debt in a way you couldn’t even dream off before. Here is how it works, why use it and are there alternatives to it.

First thing about is that it’s meant for Scotsmen with full time jobs whose debt is over £5.000. If you don’t meet those requirements you cannot take advantage of this government backed program. Sounds bit unreal, but yes, this is a government backed and sponsored project which only goal is to help those in need of help to repay a debt. This is what you get if you sign up for this program:

Your debt will be completely restructured so you can repay it in three to five years.

The moment you sign up for this program your interest rates and charges are cut off. What you owe till the moment you sign up is what you get to pay off and nothing more.

You cannot any asset such as home or house.

Any unaffordable debt will be partially or completely written off.

From than one you don’t get to contact with your creditors. Your trustee is the one that will take care that for you.

As far as downsides there is only one. You won’t be able to apply for a new credit until you pay off your debts in full. However, that doesn’t mean that the next day you are done with your debts you can go and get a new credit. There is a small catch, almost any bank or financial institution will be hesitant to approve you a new credit in the following three years. On the other hand if weigh the pros and cons its more than clear that optioning with a trust deed is an excellent deal.

But, some people don’t like restrictions of any kind. If you are one of those people you can try and ask for refinancing your debt. If you have a steady job it’s very likely that your debt can be refinanced and you will have smaller payment rates. But, unfortunately you won’t be able to harness the benefits of the trust deed program. In case you want to have a better look at the mentioned debt payment solutions you can visit where all this and more is explained in details.

Debt Advice in Northern Ireland

Companies or individuals who are situated in Northern Ireland might be willing to get debt advice from their own locality only. There are a number of different places from where an individual or a company can get debt advice in Northern Ireland. The option of debt advice is a great one that is available to the general public, and provides them with a number of different advantages. Basically, the term ‘debt advice’ means to get information and tips on when to take debt, how to repay debt, how to manage your finances so that your debt repayments are not left out, etc. There are many companies that offer debt advice. One of the biggest advantages to individuals who are living within North Ireland is the fact that they don’t even have to pay for debt advice. Debt advice is offered by numerous organizations within Northern Ireland, such as Citizens Advice, Step Change Debt Charity and National Debt Foundation.


These companies are more than willing to sit down with you and provide you with advice on a variety of different matters. For instance, Citizens Advice not only offers advice to individuals when it comes to simple debt repayment, but it also provides advice regarding the distribution of benefits, any issues regarding housing or legal problems, advice on consumers as well as immigration problems, and more importantly, on discrimination and employment. Moreover, Citizens Advice offers its services through numerous different mediums. Apart from face to face conversation and advice offers, the company also provide home visits, allowing people to talk with the company officials in the comforts of their own homes. Then, they can also have a telephone conversation in order to discuss their financial conditions, while they can also opt to have an online conversation.


Step Change Debt Charity


Another debt advice option in Northern Ireland is Step Change Debt Charity. One of the largest debt change advice providers in the country, Step Change Debt Charity offers advice on numerous different matters. Apart from debt management, it also provides advice on bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Agreements, charging orders, bailiffs, debt relief orders, fiscal management, support for repossession and mortgages, equity release and various others. The company offers its services primarily via the telephone, which is active on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm. The company also offers its services via the internet, which is a good option for people who do not prefer to discuss their fiscal matters so easily.


National Debt Foundation 


The National Debt Foundation is an independent help line that provides debt advice completely free of cost, and all advice offered by the company is strictly confidential. Advice ranges from loans to debts to credit card debts. The company mainly offers advice NI_flagon budgeting and debt consolidation, as well as providing free debt management plans, information on trust deeds and debt arrangement schemes, administration orders, sequestration and bankruptcy. The Debt Advice Foundation primarily provides debt advice via the telephone, making it easier for individuals to get advice when they require it with relative comfort. There is an official website of the company as well which allows individuals to establish contact over the internet.


These are some of the most popular options available all over the UK. However, depending upon the place you are living, there might be different options available within your locality. The important thing is, if you find yourself going deeper and deeper in to debt and are finding it difficult to be able to manage your finances in an effective manner, going for debt advice might prove to be a great option.